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This interesting information reaches us via Tam MM0TLW, Southgate Amateur Radio News, and Ofcom.

A GPS jamming exercise is taking place in Dumfries & Galloway from January 10 until February 4 2022, and further similar exercises are planned for later in 2022. Southgate ARC does a great job of summarizing the details, please click here for their detailed post and here for the original Ofcom information.

Via Tam MM0TLW, here’s a quick pointer to a potentially interesting TV show: Guy Martin’s Lancaster Bomber – on the surface it appears to be about an airplane, but apparently there’s content that evolves around Morse code.

Click this link for some details published by Southgate Amateur Radio News

(Btw – they also advertise a Morse code online course – maybe worth a look?)

Many of you may have received an invitation already, and we’ll remind you again later, but here it is: Saturday morning, the 25th of December 2021, Christmas Day, at 10:30am, we will all gather for the 2m radio net using the GB3DG repeater.

It will be a short meeting to pass on Season’s Greetings, so there are no excuses! If you can reach the repeater, please make sure to join and say hello!

Many thanks to Clive GM4FZH and William 2M0WML for idea and arrangements – it is my understanding that these two are responsible, please let me [ … ]

Via Nadine MM0WNW

Listen again to The World this Weekend (from about 22 min 40 sec) for a good report on the first Transatlantic transmission received by Paul Godley 100 years ago – received at Ardrossan on the west coast of Scotland and the history of short wave radio.

Click this link for the BBC recording.

Clive GM4FZH will present the WARC Christmas Quiz again this year. He prepared this overview for you – click here to download a PDF copy.

Christmas Quiz

Via Karl Zuk N2KZ, we have mentioned it before: This weekend of December 11 and 12, 2021 is the main event of the centenary celebrations for the transatlantic tests of 1921.

Transatlantic Tests YouTube Link

If you’d like to watch the live stream that begins at 2am UTC on Sunday 12th, please click this link to access the YouTube video.

The following content has been collected by Nadine MM0WNW and I’m posting on her behalf.

During an excellent CW Discussion Evening at the start of December 2021, it became clear that there is a range of ways WARC members use Morse code (some inspirational stories were shared). It’s clear that there are a lot of different learning styles, so it’s useful to be aware of different approaches to learning the code and improving proficiency. Following the meeting, several individuals have made suggestions – so here’s a beginning list of recommended resources.

Suggestions from Tim G4YTD

He says: There [ … ]

After our recent brainstorming evening it became clear that there is great interest in CW. Next Thursday our meeting will be all about CW, and Karl Zuk N2KZ – who is a real CW master – has agreed to chair the evening. In his own words:

Are you interested in Morse Code and CW? Join us this Thursday for a casual interactive talk all about the subject and great ways to learn all about understanding code. Karl Zuk N2KZ will join you for a conversation all about it.

We hope this will be interesting to many – bring [ … ]

We have received several queries recently about club efforts in the area of training – something the club has always offered, most recently through the efforts of Clive GM4FZH as our lead instructor. Clive recently resigned after many years, and Covid struck even before then – as a result, amateur radio training and exams have changed and so has the club’s involvement.

There is now a new page titled Becoming a Radio Amateur on this website, also accessible through the top-level menu, which details our situation at this point in time. We will keep this page up to [ … ]

This content comes to you courtesy of Karl Zuk N2KZ

Saturday, December 11 to Sunday, December 12, 2021

Celebrate the renowned event of one hundred years ago – The famed amateur radio tests between Greenwich, Connecticut and Ardrossan, Scotland.

“Yes! Amateur Radio can be heard across the pond!”

A complete calendar of events during the month of December 2021 is attached below. Tell your friends! Listen in!

North Crescent Road beachfront in Ardrossan, Scotland

Pictured: The site where Scottish amateurs will be listening for American signals: Along the North Crescent Road beachfront in Ardrossan, Scotland.

For an [ … ]

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The Story of EZNEC – from Beginning to End

The Mystery of HF Numbers Stations

Through the Cold War to the present day, strange disembodied voices have popped up across the radio spectrum reciting long strings of numbers. No country admits any knowledge of them. But they are not nuclear readiness codes or the voices of those lost in the Bermuda Triangle, as some suggest! Hear a mysterious story of radio, ciphers and spies, and of how you too can take part.

Showing events for the next 6 months.
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