Thursday, 4th November 2021
Zoom Talk by Clive GM4FZH

Amateur Radio Repeaters

Clive GM4FZH looks at why repeaters are needed, how they work in block diagram form, and provides some advice on how to use them. Although this talk is aimed mainly at beginners and those not so familiar with repeaters, it will remind other users as well.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021
Zoom Talk by Clive GM4FZH

My life with radio

Looking at some of the radio projects/events I have been involved in over about 50 years – both amateur and non-amateur. This gives a chance to see some of the operating places and shacks I have used as well as some nostalgic items which some of you may remember. The tour ends with my present QTH in Dumfries and Galloway.

Thursday, 18th February 2021
Zoom Talk by Ian GM3SEK

New Licence Regulations for RF Electromagnetic Fields

Over the next year, Ofcom will introduce new licence regulations that will require us to make sure our amateur radio activities are not exposing other people to excessive RF field strengths. Your March 2021 issue of RadCom (just arriving) will say more about this. The good news is that most amateurs are already well within the international guidelines. The less good news is that we will have to prove that, by making assessments and keeping them on record. Ian GM3SEK is a member of the UK-US team that is developing straightforward ways for everyone to meet these new regulations, and will show examples of how it can be done.

Thursday, 4th February 2021
Zoom Talk by Oli MM0YOS

Getting Started With FT8

FT8 is a weak-signal digital mode that has gained lots of popularity with HAMs worldwide in the last few years. In this presentation, Oli will show how to get started, from hooking up the radio to contacts around the world, with practical advice thrown in and room for questions and discussions.

Thursday, 1st October 2020
Zoom Talk by Clive GM4FZH

Building Antennas

This talk describes building two specific antennas – a linked dipole and a vertical antenna with sloping radials. It is hoped it will encourage others to build some form of antenna (not necessarily the ones described) and indicates some of the items to be thought about. Both antennas are built around a fishing type pole so are suitable for both home and portable work. A pdf document will be available for the vertical with sloping radials.