Thursday, 1st October 2020
Zoom Talk by Clive GM4FZH

Building Antennas

This talk describes building two specific antennas – a linked dipole and a vertical antenna with sloping radials. It is hoped it will encourage others to build some form of antenna (not necessarily the ones described) and indicates some of the items to be thought about. Both antennas are built around a fishing type pole so are suitable for both home and portable work. A pdf document will be available for the vertical with sloping radials.

Thursday, 5th March 2020
Talk by Ralph 2M0RHT

Does Amateur Radio Damage Your Health?

Community Hall, Gatehouse of Fleet

Dealing with electricity, electromagnetism, and ‘waves’ on a variety of frequencies, how can we be sure that our hobby is safe, fun and will do us no physical, emotional, mental or spiritual harm? After all, there have been scares about the dangers of mobile phones when used in excess by children, radiation fears, and damaged to ears not to mention our brains. How much do we really know about ourselves, physical, mental and spiritual? There is always the risk of injury from electricity, damage to our ears from constant static etc., or may there be other issues that we need to be aware about while chasing the QSO and calling CQ CQ CQ? After all, James C. Maxwell died, did his research spark something that could effect us? How do we know what we think we know?

This will be a seriously light hearted look at Amateur Radio from a medical perspective with the hope that we might learn something new about the hobby and indeed ourselves.

Please supply your own popcorn, drinks and ice creams.

Thursday, 6th February 2020
Talk by Ian GM3SEK

Clean up your shack (Updated)

How to reduce HF noise levels on receive, and reduce the risk of causing interference on transmit – a win-win result. The 2015 version of this talk to the RSGB Convention has been very popular, with over 8000 views so far (click here to view on YouTube). However, the 2019 Convention update had to be delivered via Skype, so WARC will have the first live showing with examples of ferrite cores, chokes and filters to hand around.

Thursday, 7th November 2019
Talk by Oli MM0YOS

Programming Computers
Community Hall, Gatehouse of Fleet

All of us use computers all the time, or devices with computer chips in them — but how do they actually work? How do you make them do things? In this talk, Oli will show several practical examples to demonstrate how computer programming is done on different levels, from hardware-based Arduino to modern web applications. No prior knowledge is required, just a healthy curiosity about current technology!

Sunday, 20th October 2019
Galashiels Rally

Volunteer Hall, St Johns Street, Galashiels, Scottish Borders TD1 3JX
Doors open 11am for disabled visitors and 11.15am for general public. There will be traders and a Bring & Buy. Refreshments will be available on site. Admission price TBC

Thursday, 3rd October 2019
Talk by Ian GM3SEK and Clive GM4FZH

What can you get from your antenna analyzer?
Having a look at some antenna analysers that are available and seeing what other information they can provide and how it can be used. This will involve some practical demonstrations (and hands on experience) preceded by a short talk/introduction.