Frank Claytonsmith: Radio and me

The talk by Frank Claytonsmith GM3JKS last Thursday gave some fascinating insights from his operating over the past six decades from some very different locations (including – but not limited to – Yorkshire, St. Albans, Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway and French campsites) and with a very wide range of equipment.

From having been first licensed in the early 1950s as a schoolboy, Frank explored the role that amateur radio has played in his working and personal life.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

One tidbit from many that he shared: how many of today’s radio amateurs realise that anyone who was first licensed in the 1950s had to operate using only CW for an entire year before being allowed to go on the air with voice?

For those who couldn’t make the talk, these photos give a wee glimpse of some of what you missed.

Thank you, Frank for a memorable evening!