Save The Date – BRAEHEAD RADIO RALLY – Sunday 14th May 2023 – 10am to 4pm


Sponsored by:

RAYNET UK - Glasgow & Clyde Raynet

Bring your surplus items to sell at the WARC tables (#43-44 by the cafe area)

Meet the folks you talk to on the air!

Doors will be open from 10am to 4pm



Braehead Arena Foyer
Braehead Shopping Centre
150 Kings Inch Road
Glasgow G51 4BN

Directions by Road:

Take the Braehead spur off the M8 westbound (Jct 25A).
At the large intersection, turn Right onto King’s Inch Drive.
Immediately take the Left lane and at the next roundabout, turn Left onto Marlinford Road (signed “Green Car Park”).
Braehead Shopping Centre and free parking are ahead and to your Left. Inside the Shopping Centre, the Arena Foyer entrance is on the 1st floor near Pizza Hut.

If you need to unload large items then don’t park – keep on driving to the Arena loading area….
Keep going on Marlinford Road, all the way to the end. The road swings left as you see “Krispy Kreme Donuts” ahead.
Ignore the “No Private Vehicles” sign and just ahead of the entry barriers turn Right (may be signed “Krispy Kreme Drive Thru”).
Krispy Kreme is now ahead on your right…
The River Clyde is in front of you…
and on your left is the Arena loading area.
Turn Left when you can, and drive along to
where all the other cars and vans are parked.
The Arena Foyer is up above you on the
1st floor overlooking the river.
You will see plenty of other amateurs
who can help you to grab a trolley, and go up in the lift.
If you need help unloading, come up to the Foyer and find the WARC tables (between the lift and the cafe area).

Info about GB3DG-L from Richard Hopkins MM1BHO

GB3DG is now WIRES-X enabled, (88097) this means if you have the right equipment you can access and receive digital C4FM stations via the repeater.

Nothing has changed at Cambret Hill, the repeater will continue to operate as it has done for the last 10 years plus with normal FM analogue communications plus the ability to change to digital automatically. The internet linking is done remotely from a dedicated Gateway.

Stations listening on analogue will hear a “shushing” sound when the repeater is transmitting a digital signal followed by a “pip” when the transmission ends. To silence this “annoying” sound you should set your squelch system to encode/decode.

If you own a WIRES-X or C4FM enabled radio you should set it to AMS (Automatic Mode Select) this will enable your radio to automatically switch from digital to analogue automatically.

Here are just a few of the YAESU radios that will operate on C4FM.

  • FTM-400
  • FTM-300
  • FT-991
  • FT-991a
  • FT-2D
  • FTM-100 plus many more, do your research for one that suites you and your pocket.

There is plenty of help and advice on how to use the WIRES-X system on YOUTUBE…search for or go to the YAESU site

The repeater keeper and other nominated personnel will have access to the GSM activation/deactivation code should the system need to be shut down remotely

How to listen to Wullie’s HF net on-line

Many thanks to Karl Zuk for preparing the description below. You can find the full text below, or download a PDF version.

Download the article in PDF format

How to listen to Wullie’s HF net on-line

… just use your computer or cell phone!

You’ll be listening to a software defined receiver situated at Malin Head on the very northern tip of Ireland. Your host is Finbar O’Connor – EI0CF (click here for more info about Finbar).

Start by going to this link:

You’ll see this opening page:

Highlight the frequency slot and enter the numbers 7112 and hit <ENTER>. Now you are tuned into the correct frequency.

Make sure LSB is clicked.

You should hear something through your speakers.

If not, turn it up!

Then, click the plus (+) spyglass icon to broaden the appearance of your waterfall display to your liking. The waterfall lets you see all the frequencies nearby visually.

To change frequency, just enter new numbers in the frequency slot and hit <ENTER>.

  • Karl Zuk N2KZ

Talk recording: Len Paget GM0ONX – Baldock, Ofcom’s Listening Ear

Our first presentation in 2023 was delivered last Thursday by Len Paget GM0ONX. Below you can find the recording of the presentation.

This will be a short talk about Ofcom’s Baldock listening station, where they do all their monitoring of interference etc. Len had been invited down there to see their facilities as an RSGB Board Member. WARC has known him for many years as our RSGB Rep and a good friend of the Club. Whenever Len gives a talk to WARC it’s always about some practical subject of interest (and then, if asked, he will answer questions about the RSGB).

Holiday Break – Next Zoom Meeting 12th January 2023

As usual, WARC pauses Zoom meetings at the end of December, and this year the break includes one date in January.

The following dates will not have a club meeting on Zoom:

  • 22th December 2022 — NO ZOOM MEETING
  • 29th December 2022 — NO ZOOM MEETING
  • 5th January 2023 — NO ZOOM MEETING

We wish you a fantastic holiday! Many thanks for being a WARC member, and see you next year!

Talk recording: Ian White GM3SEK – What Is It About 6 Metres?

On October 13th, Ian kindly presented his talk on 6 Metres and its special magic. The recording is now here, please check below for a PDF download of the slides Ian used on the evening.


Click here to download the slide deck in PDF format

The slides have been updated to include several web links, and for convenience these are replicated right here:


Moxon Antenna Construction

Talk Recording: Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL/M0CYI – QRP Field Transceivers

Following the sad news of the Queen, it was clear that most people wanted to be with their families last Thursday evening. As the scheduled time for Thomas Witherspoon’s talk followed so closely afterwards, we went ahead and recorded the talk with a small audience. The recording is now available below. In the event, Tom presented a slightly different talk about choosing QRP radios for the shack and for portable use, so we hope to ask him back later for the planned talk about Listening Skills.

Notice of WARC Annual General Meeting: 15/9/22

WARC will meet on Thursday, the 15th September 2022 at the Aird Unit in Stranraer, for our Annual General Meeting.

Please download the AGM agenda here.

Zoom access details will be provided by email before the event. We will do our best to include those joining online, but please consider coming to Stranraer since we cannot guarantee or influence Zoom reliability.

Talk Recording: Mark Wickens M0NOM – The ADIF Processor

The ADIF Processor is an online tool I originally developed to help me record additional, useful information in my log files. It metamorphosed into a way of viewing QSOs in Google Earth. Let’s create a log file together and see how QSOs come alive, as well as discovering some of those amazing antennas out there on the way.

Many thanks to Mark Wickens M0NOM for his excellent presentation yesterday evening! The video recording is now available below.