CW Focus Evening 2nd December 2021

After our recent brainstorming evening it became clear that there is great interest in CW. Next Thursday our meeting will be all about CW, and Karl Zuk N2KZ – who is a real CW master – has agreed to chair the evening. In his own words:

Are you interested in Morse Code and CW? Join us this Thursday for a casual interactive talk all about the subject and great ways to learn all about understanding code. Karl Zuk N2KZ will join you for a conversation all about it.

We hope this will be interesting to many – bring your questions, your Morse keys, your CW related anecdotes and experiences – and of course you are more than welcome if you already know all about CW.

Finally, Karl provided us with a copy of his “Morse Code Survival Manual” – a great little book he put together himself. Please download your copy here!

Becoming a Radio Amateur – How we can help

We have received several queries recently about club efforts in the area of training – something the club has always offered, most recently through the efforts of Clive GM4FZH as our lead instructor. Clive recently resigned after many years, and Covid struck even before then – as a result, amateur radio training and exams have changed and so has the club’s involvement.

There is now a new page titled Becoming a Radio Amateur on this website, also accessible through the top-level menu, which details our situation at this point in time. We will keep this page up to date as things progress. Please feel free to pass on a link to the page wherever necessary!

Paul Godley Transatlantic Centennial Event Calendar

This content comes to you courtesy of Karl Zuk N2KZ

Saturday, December 11 to Sunday, December 12, 2021

Celebrate the renowned event of one hundred years ago – The famed amateur radio tests between Greenwich, Connecticut and Ardrossan, Scotland.

“Yes! Amateur Radio can be heard across the pond!”

A complete calendar of events during the month of December 2021 is attached below. Tell your friends! Listen in!

North Crescent Road beachfront in Ardrossan, Scotland

Pictured: The site where Scottish amateurs will be listening for American signals: Along the North Crescent Road beachfront in Ardrossan, Scotland.

For an RSGB announcement of the event, with extra details and more links, please click here

Click the calendar image to download a PDF copy of the document

Transatlantic Calendar 111921

WARC online meeting tonight – EMF compliance workshop No.2, and Lunchtime Mobile Meet on Saturday 27th

Please join us every Thursday from 19:30 onwards on GB3DG (if you’re within range)
moving to Zoom at 20:00. Please contact us if you would like to join the meeting and you have not received access details by email.

Thursday, 18th November: EMF Compliance Workshop No.2

Bring your own station details (band, RF power, feedline, antenna, height agl) and we’ll lead you through the process.

NEW: Introducing a new, simpler EMF calculator: No spreadsheet software required – just click here and it runs in your web browser. Great work from Oli MM0YOS! (Note from editor: I know I’m Oli and I shouldn’t sing my own praises, but Ian wrote this text – thanks, Ian!)

Saturday 27th November: Lunchtime Mobile Meet at Galloway Lodge coffee house, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Please let us know if you are hoping to come – reply to this email. (We need numbers so the venue can set up a table, but you can still cancel if need be.)

WARC online meeting tonight – Brainstorming for 2022 and a Saturday Lunchtime meet

Please join us every Thursday from 19:30 onwards on GB3DG (if you’re within range)
moving to Zoom at 20:00. Please contact us if you would like to join the meeting and you have not received access details by email.

Thursday, 11th November: Brainstorming for Spring-Summer 2022

It’s time once again to think about topics for talks and activities. We need to plan at least 3 months ahead, but we also have to be flexible about the Covid situation, and how it may affect access to the clubrooms.

The Committee already has ideas, and so do some members, but we need to hear from everyone. Here are a few starter questions:

  • What can the club do for you?
  • What do you want to know more about?
  • What new kinds of amateur radio would you like to try?
  • What would you like us to do together?

Coming soon – Saturday 27th November: Lunchtime Meet at Galloway Lodge, Gatehouse of Fleet

Following your responses to last week’s poll, we are going ahead to arrange a WARC Meet at Galloway Lodge, by the car park in Gatehouse. Join us for anything from a hot drink to a good lunch with a choice of sinful desserts… but please let us know if you would like to come, so the venue can arrange the best possible seating for us. We have made a recce and their Covid arrangements are excellent – and so is the food.

AGM 2021

Many thanks to all WARC members for attending the Annual General Meeting 2021 yesterday evening! We had our inaugural online AGM on Zoom, and it went flawlessly.

Here are the results of the election of club officers and committee (please see the complete post for the full table):

Member Role Callsign Details
Oli Sturm President, Treasurer, Webmaster MM0YOS QRZ
Nadine White Secretary, Exam Secretary MM0WNW QRZ
Ian White QSL Manager GM3SEK QRZ
Jon Howes 2M0HDL QRZ
Karl Zuk N2KZ QRZ
Tim Booth G4YTD QRZ

We will circulate draft minutes to all members by email soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch using the Contact Form, the club email address or my personal email address.

We thank all WARC members for their continued support and look forward to the year 2021/2022!

Best regards

2nd WARC Outdoor Meeting Proposal: Week Beginning 14th June 2021

Big Water of Fleet Viaduct Picnic

A second outdoor meet at Big Water of Fleet Viaduct (nearest postcode DG7 2BP or NGR NX 5564) is proposed for a day in the week beginning Monday 14th June. The location is a few miles north of Gatehouse of Fleet near the former railway station. Again, the actual day will be chosen about 3-4 days in advance when we see what the weather pattern is. This is open to ALL radio amateurs.

GB3DG can be accessed from the site so it would be possible to provide some form of talk-in for those suitably equipped. Hopefully we can have some form of activity on site such as measuring antenna swr and impedances with antenna analysers, if someone wants we could have a qrp station – ideas please.

PLEASE could you let Clive (GM4FZH) know if you are interested so there is a rough idea of numbers so we can keep within the relevant Covid restrictions in force on the day. Further details will be sent to those interested in this picnic meet.

ALL suggestions are welcome for future meets.

12th Sept Silent Key Sale Cancelled – Alternative Arrangements

Because of the ongoing Covid 19 situation and the restrictions, it looks as though we would be breaking the law to carry on with the previous SK sale plans. If we carried on, we could open the gates to the club and others having hefty fines imposed on them.

Please be aware that all plans remain subject to updated Covid 19 restrictions.

As we do not want the items to be left in the present shed for the winter we propose that items will be open to bids, please read the following and act accordingly.

  1. You can download updated bid lists here:

    List for GM3ZYE

    List for GM3VNW

  2. Bids (for both B and O items) to be submitted by email to by 23:59 on Friday 18th September 2020.

  3. Items with a B category have a reserve price as shown.
  4. Bids will be considered over that weekend and winners notified early the following week.
  5. Please make clear whether the item is from the GM3ZYE list or the GM3VNW list.
  6. If there are two identical bids then the bids will be “put in a hat”, the winner will be the first one drawn out.
  7. Winners will be notified of payment methods which should be then done as soon as possible.
  8. Arrangements will be made (hopefully by the end of September) for the items to be collected on a timed basis from site so that Covid 19 restrictions are complied with.
  9. If one person from an area can collect for several people that would help the situation.
  10. If you can take some of the “freebie” items that would be welcomed.
  11. Items not sold will be transferred to another storage location and a later sale held when Covid 19 restrictions become more relaxed.
  12. All items are sold on an AS IS BASIS, sight unseen, no promises about their working order, all your risk. As far as we can tell, most equipment is probably in working order, but we can’t possibly test items under the circumstances.
  13. Finally, please note that COLLECTION IS REQUIRED – we can’t ship items to you.

We are sorry for changing things but we must abide by the prevailing restrictions for Covid 19.

Please get in touch if you have questions.

Clive GM4FZH and Oli MM0YOS

September 12th 2020: SK Sales for GM3ZYE and GM3VNW

On Saturday 12th September 2020, WARC is planning to hold a carefully socially-distanced sale event at this address:

Glenamour, The Queen’s Way
Newton Stewart

The event is a combined SK sale for GM3ZYE and GM3VNW.

All plans are subject to government advice and may be changed on short notice in case of new lock-down measures or other official safety recommendations.

Under the circumstances, we have given much thought to questions of safety. Fortunately, it is reasonably easy to arrange a safe event for everybody at the location.

  • We will use a shed with two doors, front and back, for a one-way “item exhibition”.
  • We ask visitors to remain outside as much as possible, to use masks, and of course to stay safely distant from each other.
  • We hope for good weather, which would enable us to have a picnic lunch outside and make this a social event – of course this is optional.

We will make lists of items available shortly, as well as details about safe payment arrangements. The main goal is to clear away as many items as possible on the day!

Lighthouse Weekend with GB2LG is ON, from the Mull of Galloway

GB2LG will be operational from the Mull of Galloway for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on
22-23 August 2020.

Due to Covid-19 the callsign will have to be activated by a number of separate solo stations, operating from the car park.

Our anchor-man will be Davy MM0LGR, who plans to be there for most of the weekend. Then other club members will be welcome to join Davy on-site with their own separate /M or /P stations and use the GB2LG callsign.

The callsign has been authorised, the GB2LG QRZ page is updated and we are now on the official ILLW Activity List.

The other good news: The Gallie Craig Coffee House is OPEN! That means we’ll all be able meet there a suitably safe distance (and good ventilation guaranteed).

Everything about Covid-19 is a moving target, of course, so we’ll keep you updated by email, Facebook and this website as the situation develops.