Talk recording: Ian White GM3SEK – What Is It About 6 Metres?

On October 13th, Ian kindly presented his talk on 6 Metres and its special magic. The recording is now here, please check below for a PDF download of the slides Ian used on the evening.


Click here to download the slide deck in PDF format

The slides have been updated to include several web links, and for convenience these are replicated right here:


Moxon Antenna Construction

Talk Recording: Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL/M0CYI – QRP Field Transceivers

Following the sad news of the Queen, it was clear that most people wanted to be with their families last Thursday evening. As the scheduled time for Thomas Witherspoon’s talk followed so closely afterwards, we went ahead and recorded the talk with a small audience. The recording is now available below. In the event, Tom presented a slightly different talk about choosing QRP radios for the shack and for portable use, so we hope to ask him back later for the planned talk about Listening Skills.

Notice of WARC Annual General Meeting: 15/9/22

WARC will meet on Thursday, the 15th September 2022 at the Aird Unit in Stranraer, for our Annual General Meeting.

Please download the AGM agenda here.

Zoom access details will be provided by email before the event. We will do our best to include those joining online, but please consider coming to Stranraer since we cannot guarantee or influence Zoom reliability.

Talk Recording: Mark Wickens M0NOM – The ADIF Processor

The ADIF Processor is an online tool I originally developed to help me record additional, useful information in my log files. It metamorphosed into a way of viewing QSOs in Google Earth. Let’s create a log file together and see how QSOs come alive, as well as discovering some of those amazing antennas out there on the way.

Many thanks to Mark Wickens M0NOM for his excellent presentation yesterday evening! The video recording is now available below.

Coming up – Mark Wickens M0NOM: The ADIF Processor

Tomorrow, May 5th 2022 at 8pm BST, WARC will host Mark Wickens M0NOM with his presentation The ADIF Processor – A tool for enriching your log files and visualizing contacts in Google Earth

Access information will be available from this website after 6pm BST on May 5th. Please watch out for it!

Here’s the talk abstract:

The ADIF Processor is an online tool I originally developed to help me record additional, useful information in my log files. It metamorphosed into a way of viewing QSOs in Google Earth. Let’s create a log file together and see how QSOs come alive, as well as discovering some of those amazing antennas out there on the way. If anyone has some interesting contacts they’d like to see on the day please email me your ADIF files beforehand:

D&G Raynet Open Letter to Users of the Cambret Hill Repeater GB3DG

This letter reached us from William 2M0WML, the Group Controller at D&G Raynet. Here is the original PDF document — please double-check it if in doubt about any details regarding the content, since the document was retyped for publication on this website.


Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group


Users of the Cambret Hill Repeater

For many years the D&G Raynet Group has provided a repeater at Cambret Hill primarily for use in emergencies but also for the use of radio amateurs in general.

The repeater costs are funded by the activities of the D&G Raynet members — such as offering radio support at local cycle events, car rallies, marathons etc., for which donations are received. The D&G Raynet members also pay an annual membership fee.

Ongoing costs include electricity, insurance, a building to be maintained, equipment to be maintained and replaced as required.

Times are changing. Events have reduced to only 4 this year and on top of that the electricity bill will rise by a significant sum. In addition the membership of D&G Raynet is decliring, as is the number of events to provide donations.

So how do we keep the repeater alive?

If you are a user of the repeater at Cambret you can help in a couple of ways

1: Become a member of D&G Raynet group which will boost the membership fees and also provide a bigger pool of people for any events. Click here for the website, or find contact information information at this direct link.

2: Make a donation to the group, either by sending a cheque payable to Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group to our Treasurer at this address:

Jane Boan
9 Philip Avenue
Newton Stewart


by paying directly into our bank account:

Sort code 802260
Account number 19410962
Account name Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group
Reference: your name

Many thanks in advance

Mid-May (TBA) – Outdoor Meet at Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

This in recently via Wullie and Clive:

Wullie (2M0WUL) and Clive (GM4FZH) are trying to organise an outdoor meet at the Big Water of Fleet Viaduct (nr Gatehouse of Fleet) sometime in the middle two weeks of May (note slight change of weeks). This meet of course is weather dependent which we cannot predict. As we reach May we will look at the weather patterns to try and predict a day.

At the moment this meet will hopefully include a demonstration of the military Clansman radio, a look at home-brew portable radio antennas and putting them up and if time permits a qrp station

Of course don’t forget the picnic lunch which you should bring. Anybody can bring other items along which they would like to demonstrate as well as any items you want to get rid of. There are toilet facilities at the Visitor Centre which is passed a few hundred metres before the viaduct.

Further information will be sent out nearer the date including route details to those interested.

PLEASE: It would be helpful if you could email Wullie or Clive if you are interested.

Talk Recording: Bruce Littlefield – “Paul Godley: Self Made Man”

In December of 1921, the American Radio Relay League conducted a set of tests to see if the “commercially useless” shortwaves and limited power allowed radio amateurs could reach across the Atlantic ocean. For these tests, the ARRL decided to send one of their own members to England to copy any American amateur signals that could be received. That amateur was my grandfather, Paul Godley. My presentation covers early radio development, Paul Godley’s dogged pursuit of a career in wireless communications, why he was chosen for this task, and some of what the test results taught the radio world.

Yesterday evening WARC had the great pleasure of hosting Bruce Littlefield with a presentation about his grandfather: Paul Godley: Self Made Man

We’d like to thank Bruce for his time, it was an excellent presentation! The video recording is now available below.

Paul Godley: Self Made Man – Zoom Meeting Details

As you probably know, Paul Godley was sent over from the USA 100 years ago to conduct the transatlantic tests that opened up the era of short wave radio communication. But why Paul Godley? Who was he? Why was he chosen? And what happened next?

On Thursday April 7th, all those questions will be answered in an open Zoom talk by Godley’s grandson, Bruce Littlefield. The Zoom meeting will be hosted by Wigtownshire ARC and will begin at 20:00 BST (1900 UTC). Everyone is invited, subject to a limit of 100.

Checkin: Thursday April 7th from 19:40 BST.

Please use the following link: access details removed

If you cannot join the meeting, we will be posting a link to the recording a few days afterwards – so bookmark this page.

Talk Recording: Ron Bishop MI0PCW – The Mystery of HF Number Stations

Last Thursday WARC proudly hosted Ron Bishop MI0PCW, representing the RSS Memorial Amateur Radio Society with his talk The Mystery of HF Number Stations — an absolutely fascinating evening!

Please view the full article and find the video recording below.

Here’s the abstract for the talk:

Through the Cold War to the present day, strange disembodied voices have popped up across the radio spectrum reciting long strings of numbers. No country admits any knowledge of them. But they are not nuclear readiness codes or the voices of those lost in the Bermuda Triangle, as some suggest! Hear a mysterious story of radio, ciphers and spies, and of how you too can take part.

Many thanks to Ron for this talk, and to all those who joined us live.