Ian White GM3SEK: “Practical Weatherproofing”

Many thanks to Nadine White MM0WNW for the text below, and for the photos taken at the in-person event!

In order to continue to provide support over the wide geographic area of our membership, WARC has continued to organise weekly Zoom meetings, which served the Club so well during the Covid years. But in addition, the Club has arranged at least one monthly ‘in-person’ meet, usually on a Saturday at the Clubrooms at The Aird Unit in Stranraer.

Practical Weatherproofing was June’s timely topic The summer months are a good time to ensure that our stations are ready for the winter’s wet and challenging weather. Club members had the opportunity to enjoy two linked presentations on the topic.

Ian White GM3SEK, gave a Thursday evening Zoom talk on the subject followed a few days later by an in-person meeting and practical demonstration at the Clubroom in Stranraer. Ian is able to draw upon personal experience and many years of hints and tips gleaned through writing RadCom’s In Practice Column. As he said: ‘no one is born knowing this stuff’ – we all benefit from the experience (successes and failures) of others. There was good discussion, plus some additional tips contributed by those in attendance – a very productive way to spend the afternoon.

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