Info about GB3DG-L from Richard Hopkins MM1BHO

GB3DG is now WIRES-X enabled, (88097) this means if you have the right equipment you can access and receive digital C4FM stations via the repeater.

Nothing has changed at Cambret Hill, the repeater will continue to operate as it has done for the last 10 years plus with normal FM analogue communications plus the ability to change to digital automatically. The internet linking is done remotely from a dedicated Gateway.

Stations listening on analogue will hear a “shushing” sound when the repeater is transmitting a digital signal followed by a “pip” when the transmission ends. To silence this “annoying” sound you should set your squelch system to encode/decode.

If you own a WIRES-X or C4FM enabled radio you should set it to AMS (Automatic Mode Select) this will enable your radio to automatically switch from digital to analogue automatically.

Here are just a few of the YAESU radios that will operate on C4FM.

  • FTM-400
  • FTM-300
  • FT-991
  • FT-991a
  • FT-2D
  • FTM-100 plus many more, do your research for one that suites you and your pocket.

There is plenty of help and advice on how to use the WIRES-X system on YOUTUBE…search for or go to the YAESU site

The repeater keeper and other nominated personnel will have access to the GSM activation/deactivation code should the system need to be shut down remotely

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