How to listen to Wullie’s HF net on-line

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How to listen to Wullie’s HF net on-line

… just use your computer or cell phone!

You’ll be listening to a software defined receiver situated at Malin Head on the very northern tip of Ireland. Your host is Finbar O’Connor – EI0CF (click here for more info about Finbar).

Start by going to this link:

You’ll see this opening page:

Highlight the frequency slot and enter the numbers 7112 and hit <ENTER>. Now you are tuned into the correct frequency.

Make sure LSB is clicked.

You should hear something through your speakers.

If not, turn it up!

Then, click the plus (+) spyglass icon to broaden the appearance of your waterfall display to your liking. The waterfall lets you see all the frequencies nearby visually.

To change frequency, just enter new numbers in the frequency slot and hit <ENTER>.

  • Karl Zuk N2KZ

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