Coming up – Mark Wickens M0NOM: The ADIF Processor

Tomorrow, May 5th 2022 at 8pm BST, WARC will host Mark Wickens M0NOM with his presentation The ADIF Processor – A tool for enriching your log files and visualizing contacts in Google Earth

Access information will be available from this website after 6pm BST on May 5th. Please watch out for it!

Here’s the talk abstract:

The ADIF Processor is an online tool I originally developed to help me record additional, useful information in my log files. It metamorphosed into a way of viewing QSOs in Google Earth. Let’s create a log file together and see how QSOs come alive, as well as discovering some of those amazing antennas out there on the way. If anyone has some interesting contacts they’d like to see on the day please email me your ADIF files beforehand:

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