D&G Raynet Open Letter to Users of the Cambret Hill Repeater GB3DG

This letter reached us from William 2M0WML, the Group Controller at D&G Raynet. Here is the original PDF document — please double-check it if in doubt about any details regarding the content, since the document was retyped for publication on this website.


Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group


Users of the Cambret Hill Repeater

For many years the D&G Raynet Group has provided a repeater at Cambret Hill primarily for use in emergencies but also for the use of radio amateurs in general.

The repeater costs are funded by the activities of the D&G Raynet members — such as offering radio support at local cycle events, car rallies, marathons etc., for which donations are received. The D&G Raynet members also pay an annual membership fee.

Ongoing costs include electricity, insurance, a building to be maintained, equipment to be maintained and replaced as required.

Times are changing. Events have reduced to only 4 this year and on top of that the electricity bill will rise by a significant sum. In addition the membership of D&G Raynet is decliring, as is the number of events to provide donations.

So how do we keep the repeater alive?

If you are a user of the repeater at Cambret you can help in a couple of ways

1: Become a member of D&G Raynet group which will boost the membership fees and also provide a bigger pool of people for any events. Click here for the website, or find contact information information at this direct link.

2: Make a donation to the group, either by sending a cheque payable to Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group to our Treasurer at this address:

Jane Boan
9 Philip Avenue
Newton Stewart


by paying directly into our bank account:

Sort code 802260
Account number 19410962
Account name Dumfries and Galloway Raynet Group
Reference: your name

Many thanks in advance

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