Talk Recording: Ron Bishop MI0PCW – The Mystery of HF Number Stations

Last Thursday WARC proudly hosted Ron Bishop MI0PCW, representing the RSS Memorial Amateur Radio Society with his talk The Mystery of HF Number Stations — an absolutely fascinating evening!

Please view the full article and find the video recording below.

Here’s the abstract for the talk:

Through the Cold War to the present day, strange disembodied voices have popped up across the radio spectrum reciting long strings of numbers. No country admits any knowledge of them. But they are not nuclear readiness codes or the voices of those lost in the Bermuda Triangle, as some suggest! Hear a mysterious story of radio, ciphers and spies, and of how you too can take part.

Many thanks to Ron for this talk, and to all those who joined us live.

One reader has left a comment:

  • Walter Cain M6WDV on 1st April 2022 at 10:47 pm

    Quick note to say thank you very much indeed Ron for an excellent and enlightening talk; most particularly the Japanese ambassador’s communiques during the war – my goodness – I had no idea!

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