Karl’s Links for Remote Radio

In our meeting last Thursday, Karl demonstrated a couple of remote radio options. He promised to send a few links to make it easier for you to try things for yourself – here they are now, with a few comments from Karl.

Remote Hams: http://download.remotehams.com

Kiwi SDR Map: Click the Kiwi SDR Map button – top left http://kiwisdr.com/public/ Worldwide choices to listen.

Tip: If you are testing new antennas or if you are in a very noisy location and still want to operate, use a SDR somewhere else to listen – or – to listen what you sound like yourself. Very useful tool!

Who is on that shortwave frequency: https://www.short-wave.info (enter frequency and press ‘now’ for the list below)

Great SDR locally: Hack Green: http://hackgreensdr.org:8901

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