Talk Recording: Roy Lewallen W7EL – The Story of EZNEC

Yesterday, WARC proudly hosted Roy Lewallen W7EL, with his presentation The Story of EZNEC – From Beginning to End. In case you missed it, please find the recording below.

This is what the talk was about:

EZNEC is probably the world’s most popular antenna modelling software, widely used in ARRL publications, and on his retirement the developer Roy Lewallen is making it free to all amateurs. As well as talking about the software itself, Roy will be telling a personal story about operating a one-man business in the ‘shark tank’ of corporate America.

Thanks to all those who attended the presentation live, and of course to Roy for all his work on EZNEC and for presenting his story to us.

One reader has left a comment:

  • Ken Manders on 4th May 2023 at 5:02 pm

    Hi Roy,
    I very much enjoyed your presentation. I am 75 years old and I also was an engineer on a similar time frame. Your work is greatly appreciated.
    I had gotten interested in AM broadcast array some 15 years ago and was successful at modeling many arrays. I was tempted to learn
    how method of moments functioned, but never invested the time to learn about it. I have enough software experiences to appreciate pasting all
    the pieces around the MOM core to make it usable or friendly. Thank you for doing what you have.
    73’s from WB6CN

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