CW Focus Evening 2nd December 2021

After our recent brainstorming evening it became clear that there is great interest in CW. Next Thursday our meeting will be all about CW, and Karl Zuk N2KZ – who is a real CW master – has agreed to chair the evening. In his own words:

Are you interested in Morse Code and CW? Join us this Thursday for a casual interactive talk all about the subject and great ways to learn all about understanding code. Karl Zuk N2KZ will join you for a conversation all about it.

We hope this will be interesting to many – bring your questions, your Morse keys, your CW related anecdotes and experiences – and of course you are more than welcome if you already know all about CW.

Finally, Karl provided us with a copy of his “Morse Code Survival Manual” – a great little book he put together himself. Please download your copy here!

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