WARC online meeting tonight – EMF compliance workshop No.2, and Lunchtime Mobile Meet on Saturday 27th

Please join us every Thursday from 19:30 onwards on GB3DG (if you’re within range)
moving to Zoom at 20:00. Please contact us if you would like to join the meeting and you have not received access details by email.

Thursday, 18th November: EMF Compliance Workshop No.2

Bring your own station details (band, RF power, feedline, antenna, height agl) and we’ll lead you through the process.

NEW: Introducing a new, simpler EMF calculator: No spreadsheet software required – just click here and it runs in your web browser. Great work from Oli MM0YOS! (Note from editor: I know I’m Oli and I shouldn’t sing my own praises, but Ian wrote this text – thanks, Ian!)

Saturday 27th November: Lunchtime Mobile Meet at Galloway Lodge coffee house, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Please let us know if you are hoping to come – reply to this email. (We need numbers so the venue can set up a table, but you can still cancel if need be.)

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