AGM 2021

Many thanks to all WARC members for attending the Annual General Meeting 2021 yesterday evening! We had our inaugural online AGM on Zoom, and it went flawlessly.

Here are the results of the election of club officers and committee (please see the complete post for the full table):

Member Role Callsign Details
Oli Sturm President, Treasurer, Webmaster MM0YOS QRZ
Nadine White Secretary, Exam Secretary MM0WNW QRZ
Ian White QSL Manager GM3SEK QRZ
Jon Howes 2M0HDL QRZ
Karl Zuk N2KZ QRZ
Tim Booth G4YTD QRZ

We will circulate draft minutes to all members by email soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch using the Contact Form, the club email address or my personal email address.

We thank all WARC members for their continued support and look forward to the year 2021/2022!

Best regards