September 12th 2020: SK Sales for GM3ZYE and GM3VNW

On Saturday 12th September 2020, WARC is planning to hold a carefully socially-distanced sale event at this address:

Glenamour, The Queen’s Way
Newton Stewart

The event is a combined SK sale for GM3ZYE and GM3VNW.

All plans are subject to government advice and may be changed on short notice in case of new lock-down measures or other official safety recommendations.

Under the circumstances, we have given much thought to questions of safety. Fortunately, it is reasonably easy to arrange a safe event for everybody at the location.

  • We will use a shed with two doors, front and back, for a one-way “item exhibition”.
  • We ask visitors to remain outside as much as possible, to use masks, and of course to stay safely distant from each other.
  • We hope for good weather, which would enable us to have a picnic lunch outside and make this a social event – of course this is optional.

We will make lists of items available shortly, as well as details about safe payment arrangements. The main goal is to clear away as many items as possible on the day!

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