WARC is still meeting every Thursday, by GB3DG and Zoom

Let’s Stay Together

WARC is still meeting every Thursday evening. Until we are once able to meet face-to-face at the clubroom we are meeting on GB3DG and on Zoom.

Club members present and past are receiving regular email updates with the current Zoom password link (if you’re not receiving these emails, please contact info@gm4riv.org )

Everyone is also invited to join the D&G RAYNET net, every day at 12:00 on GB3DG.

The WARC Sunday Morning Net is still active at 10:00 on GB3DG.

Thursday Evening Meetings

We meet on GB3DG at 19:30, and usually move online to Zoom at 20:00 onwards. You can run both if you like.

The Zoom meeting has the advantage that we can see each other (which really means something in these lockdown days) and we can show the things we have been doing as well as talking about them.
We are still arranging talks and discussion topics as usual, which sometimes continue for at least another week.
Distance is no problem. We are currently chatting with WARC members from as far away as North Ayrshire, Liverpool and New York!

WARC members present and past should be receiving emails containing the access link for the current week’s Zoom meeting. If you aren’t already receiving these emails, please contact info@gm4riv.org

About Zoom

If you haven’t tried Zoom yet, it’s easy. Follow these simple steps to join in for the first time:

  1. The first time you join in, plan to start about 10 minutes early because you will need to download a small program. It’s all free, and easy to use.
  2. Open the email from WARC and click the access link. You will be asked to sign-in to Zoom, and if you already have a Gmail or Facebook account, you can use that to sign in.
  3. You will then be admitted to the ‘waiting room’ until the meeting starts. While you are here, you can set up your audio and camera.
  4. When the meeting host arrives at 20:00, everybody will be let into the meeting.
  5. You can then see and talk to your fellow WARC members. If there’s anything else you need to do, we’ll show you how.

Go on, try it! We’ll look forward to seeing you.

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