ILLW 2019 Summary

Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club (using callsign GB2LG) took part in the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on the 17/18 August from the Mull of Galloway (the most southerly point of Scotland). We were upset by two factors – one of our main operators managed to break her ankle when loading the car ready to travel to the lighthouse (we wish her a speedy recovery – it also required a 3hr operation) and the high winds over the weekend which meant we could not put up the main trap dipole up from the lighthouse balcony (one gust was measured at 80 mph! at top of lighthouse level).

We managed to get on the air with a temporary vertical on the sheltered side of the lighthouse and worked mainly 40m and 20m, together with a 2m station running FM. The upset meant that we could only run one HF station. Everybody enjoyed themselves and we had a good natter in the cottage we rented at the lighthouse from a local community trust. This is an excellent radio site with about a 75% sea view and some 80m above sea level.

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