Amateur Radio Exams June 27th 2019

On June 27th 2019, WARC will hold exams as required for Foundation, Intermediate and Full (Advanced) Licences. This is the last set of exams for the “old” exam syllabus.

Please note that applications must be submitted by Thursday 6th June 2019. Payment confirmation from the RSGB website must be included.

Below you can find details of the sign-up process. Please contact us if you need any help!

Signing Up For An Exam

To sign up for an exam, download the form [EX200] Candidate application for examinations (all levels) from the list on the RSGB website.

At the bottom of the page on the RSGB website, there is a link for payment, which will lead you here. Please proceed to online payment and add the item related to your required exam to your “basket”.

At this point, be sure to enter the correct information for the Exam Center Registration Number and date:

Exam reference

Check out and pay for your exam. When this is done, a receipt is shown that includes an Order Number.

Receipt with Order Number

Make a note of the order number!

The Application Form

Now you need to fill in the form you downloaded earlier. This is best done electronically. The document is a Word file, but you can’t use Word Online (from Office 365) to fill it in. If you don’t have a “real” Word, you can use LibreOffice.

Select the correct exam type (you need to click on the text Please select one of the following). The exam will not take place online, so don’t select any of the “online” entries.

Please select one of the following

Fill in sections A, B and C. Don’t forget to add the current date in section B! For the Exam Venue, enter Aird Unit, Stranraer.

Now add a note to the form, in the empty space at the top, and include the Order Number for your payment.

Include Order Number

Finally, print out the completed form and do not forget to sign it.

Getting The Form To Us

The easiest way is to drop off the printed form to WARC at one of our regular meetings. However, please keep the deadline of June 6th in mind!

If possible, you can also scan the printed and signed form and send it to us by email, as a PDF document. If you need further help with this step, please contact us.

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