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GB3DG - R7 (RV62) 145.775/145.175MHz Tone access: 103.5Hz (G) subcarrier 

Posted 3rd August 2016 by Richard MM1BHO

On the 7th June 2016 the existing Nokia Repeater for GB3DG was replaced by a Yaesu DR-1 System Fusion Repeater. This is a dual mode repeater which can operate in Analogue FM or Yaesu C4FM. It is set to operate in Auto Mode, this enables it to receive and transmit either mode automatically. There are some noticeable differences between the Nokia and the Yaesu repeaters, the Yaesu has a very short squelch tail (approximately 500Ms) there are no long idents and re-set tails. Access is by CTCSS only (103.5) Time out is the same as the Nokia (3 minutes)


In practice if a user transmits into the repeater using C4FM, it will re-transmit out in C4FM. Anyone listening on analogue FM will hear a sound similar to open squelch, this can be stopped by setting their radio to encode/decode using CTCSS code 103.5. C4FM users will hear the transmission and will also receive other information depending on the C4FM mode.


If a analogue FM user transmits during a C4FM contact the repeater will automatically switch to analogue FM, this will also switch the C4FM users to analogue FM providing they have their radios set to auto.


Currently we are experiencing interference on the repeater (a kind of screech when carrier is dropped) we are working towards clearing this as soon as possible, again setting your radio to encode/decode should relieve some of the interference.


Posted by Richard MM1BHO

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