Serving the Amateur Radio community of South-West Scotland

Teaching, Licence Exams and Lifetime Learning 

The Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club provides teaching and an Examination Centre for all three levels of the amateur licence - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

Courses are organised on demand and specifically tailored for the people involved. Courses are for all ages and the club has a very good record for teaching young people and individuals with special needs.*

Teaching centres are likely to be either Stranraer, or somewhere closer to Dumfries if that would minimise travel time.

Travel time is always a consideration in this part of the world. For the Intermediate and Advanced courses, we are moving towards Distance Learning for the main parts of the syllabus, supplemented by hands-on workshop and coaching days as needed.

Exams can only take place at centres accredited by OFCOM. As well as our permanently accredited exam centre at Stranraer, we can arrange temporary exam centres more locally if needed (provided that the location meets OFCOM requirements).*

Foundation Courses

WARC runs courses for the Foundation Licence a few times a year when enough demand has built up. These are intensive two-day courses at a weekend, ending with the licence exam so you will know your result (subject to confirmation by OFCOM).

Please contact us (see below) to find out when and where the next course is likely to be.

Intermediate Courses
Our Intermediate exam courses are usually based on the
Bath & Bristol Distance Learning materials. These courses take about three months, and are supplemented by three hands-on workshop days for the practical elements.

After the success of our first two Intermediate Courses, we will be ready to run another one when we have enough candidates. Again, if you are interested please let us know. 

Advanced Courses
We recommend the Bath & Bristol Distance Learning Courses which generally run twice a year and last about six months. If you are interested, why not have a chat with Clive GM4FZH (contact details below).

Our Lead Instructor is Clive Smith GM4FZH - you can email him via or phone 01988 700756.

Lifetime Learning

Amateur Radio goes far beyond getting a licence -
we never stop learning because there is always so much more. 

Every WARC club meeting can be the start of something completely new,
so the club tries to show you everything that Amateur Radio has on offer.

* Special Needs

We can make a variety of arrangements to adapt the Licence exams for individuals with special needs.

Impaired vision, dyslexia or inability to travel don't have to keep you away from getting your Amateur Radio Licence.
The most important thing is to ask in good time for arrangements to be made. 

In compliance with The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 as amended by The Protection of Freedom Act 2012,
Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club has adopted the RSGB Child Protection Guidelines as a formal Policy that applies to all members.
Click here to read the guidelines.

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