Serving the Amateur Radio community of South-West Scotland

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Amateur Radio Club

is the only amateur radio club in South-West Scotland,
so we have to provide everything that Radio Amateurs need throughout the region.

- Regular weekly meetings
We think it's important that the Club should be open for members every week. Some members regularly drive large distances to attend.

- Training and Technical Advice
Amateur Radio is about "self-training in radio communications" and the club supports this at all levels.
  For newcomers there are training courses for the three levels of Amateur Licence - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.
  Everyone can benefit from the ongoing programme of talks and demonstrations.
 And for technical advice, just come along to meetings and ask!

- Repeaters
  Dumfries & Galloway has some difficult terrain for keeping in touch by radio. To help overcome this, WARC and D&G RAYNET have installed two VHF-FM repeater stations on high spots near Creetown and Stranraer. Repeaters can retransmit signals from smaller stations in less favourable locations, and so provide much better coverage across the centre and west of the region.
  For more details, click here.

- Links with D&G RAYNET
  Many club members are also members of Dumfries & Galloway RAYNET, the network of Radio Amateurs who volunteer their time and expertise to provide radio communications for community events as well as emergencies and disasters.
  For more details, click here.

- Special Event Stations

 - Contests

- And always a welcome!
  Just come along on a Thursday evening - find us here.
  Or why not contact us by email now?

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Regular weekly meetings

Training and
Technical Advice


Links with D&G RAYNET

Special Event Stations


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